Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 2

Got in a minor (my mini van had to be towed and may be history) car accident today. A lovely gentlemen who had handicapped plates and was on oxygen so bravely ran a red light and took me out. The 1 out 100 chance that my kids weren't in the car with me happened today. My head hit the side window due to the fact that the airbags on my 2008 vehicle failed to deploy. Nice huh? Anyway, they towed my car, I have a wicked headache and I am sans car. But, I wanted to get this dress done.
So here it is, dress number two (well technically three) on day number two. I didn't get the ric rack on tonight because I didn't have the thread color I wanted with it. I am going to put aqua ric rack on the mid seam. My husband says that seam color should match the ribbons but well, I disagree today. There were just two many great colors in this to not emphasize them all. Rock on and good night...hope that little old guy that crunched my kick ass van is ok. I wonder if I can transfer my Alaska Grown plates to my hopefully new rig?

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