Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sandwich and Snack Bag Tutorial

So I was packing lunches this morning and was once again frustrated by our lack of containers.  The hippy in me will NOT us a plastic bag unless absolutely necessary so I found some scraps and threw together one of these.  I have one that purchased awhile back but really, why would I need to pay $6 for something that I can make in 10 minutes?  You can too, it is super easy so lets get started.

What you will need:
2 pieces of scrap fabric that can be cut 6"x15 1/2"  I have a ton of scrap and am always game for a project that uses them! Seriously, you don't need to buy any unless you want a special print.  Get creative with stuff around your house.  I personally used a piece of unbleached organic cotton for my inside that will touch food.  Once again, hippy.  Everyone needs organic cotton touching their food coloring filled sour patch kids right?

1 piece of 2" long velcro
1 Cinnamon Lollypop from See's Candies. No seriously, my girl KD got me hooked on these and you can finish this project before it is gone!  If you have never had one, get some!

First, cut your fabrics to 6" wide by 15 1/2" long.  One will be the outside, one the inside (obviously)
This size will be great for a sandwich, snack crackers and is the perfect size for my famous cookies.
Next, round off the tops.  I use a bowl or mark one side and then fold it in half to cut.  This particular baggie, I rounded to 2 1/2" from the top.  Be sure to do them both exactly the same aka on top of each other.
here it is folded in half with the rounded marking in white
You can add your soft sided velcro to your inside piece now if you prefer a clean look.  In other words if you don't want your stitching to show all the way through.  Again, not necessary but your prerogative.  I feel a 90's Bobby Brown melody coming into my head!
Pin and sew velcro long 1 inch from the top.  Yeah Yeah Yeah, I was too lazy to switch to black thread and then back to red.  Next time.

Next, lay them on top of each other, wrong way together and pin.  I guess you don't have to pin, I just like for my stuff not to move.  I could never understand how my mother never pins anything.
I personally like to criss cross stitch them together now so that they don't move later, but that is completely up to you.  I think it adds a little more durability, especially if you don't have a serger.
 Now add the rough piece of velcro.  I am sure they have specific names but rough and soft is going to have to work here :)  I attach this piece all the way through both pieces of fabric so that it is stronger and because it won't show!  Measure 2 inches from the bottom, pin vertically, of course and sew through both of your layers.  Then fold your bottom upwards so that the "pouch" is 5 1/2 inches.  PIN :)
Zig Zag around the entire bag with a wide and tight stitch and voila!  When you fold the bag, the top should fold over on itself so that it makes it harder for things to escape.  Your lollypop isn't even gone yet and you are ready to save plastic and make your kids' lunches earth friendly!!!
Get creative and decorate them and add embellishments. This one has a yellow "E" on the back of it for my daughter!  
Hand wash them and then hang them to dry on your DUO or from a clothesrack!
Bet you can't tell which ones I made and which one I bought!  Have fun!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New LOFTi!!!

The hubby came through big time with this years gift.  I know the fine ladies who developed this and was thrilled to receive the newest version for Christmas.  This LOFTi from The New Clothesline Company  is 27 square feet of drying space that is not in my kitchen, hanging from door jams or draped over my stair rail!!!!  YIPPEEE!  When you go through as much athletic gear as I do and hang dry uniforms every week, this is a God send.  
They come in white and a beautiful chartreuse green and there are cool end attachment buddies with hooks on them for your unmentionables, socks, etc.  That is next for me!

This load was 7 pairs of running shorts, 6 sports bras, a dress (added after the photo) two sweaters, 1 swim suit, a pair of cycling bibs and a jersey and 3 place mats!!!

I highly recommend getting one if you hang dry anything at all.  Do you have any idea how much money and many pieces of clothing you could save by hanging to dry?