Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patchwork Bag

I am completely inspired by the creative mastermind of my great friend Kezlee.  She makes incredible goodies which can be found at i kissed a toad!  She uses her scraps to make "free" but wonderful fabrics so I did the same.  I cut them into 2"x3" rectangles, seamed them together,  slammed a zigzag stitch line along the seams (it took a LONG time) and then seamed them together again but off centered of course because, well, I am not a straight line kind of girl.t

I made this bag and decided to keep it...yes you read that correctly, I actually kept something and started more bag panels to make as gifts.

Wow, it cleared my scrap drawer down to virtually nada, nothing, ready to be filled again!!!    In the midst of making these bags and another for my aunt I ended up with some extra bright colored patchwork straps. I am hoping those are going to become a camera strap for my friend Amy of Amy Shertzer Photography.  She and I are working on putting together a combined blog giveaway.  Not sure I have enough people reading my blog considering how sparse they are but she is an amazing photographer and definitely needs an amazing camera strap!  For right now I have an Easter dress to make for a very eager 8 year old!

The Scrap Fabric Challenge Continues!

Technically, this post should have been first but I haven't figured out how to move them so, you can figure it out :)
Ok, Ok, I am back from spring break and racing and if anyone was anxiously awaiting the fruits of my creative labor, here they are.  I finished the cutie duffels  from Saltwater Kids and even put initials on them.

I appliqued them with the help of my cricut so I took pictures to show you how!

I use heat bond and personally, I think that is the only thing that works.

Put your speed on slow and the pressure on max.  Works like a charm.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bringing out the heavyweights!

So I was on the  Made blog, which is one of my favorites, and right now she is doing the most amazing features on boys.  The latest post took me to Saltwater Kids and I was oh-so inspired to create that great retro duffel up there int he picture for my kids.  Our annual motor home trip is quickly approaching and well, you can never have too many bags!  However, I swore to use my scraps this month so I busted out my huge box of fabric that I am wishing was more empty, so I can fill it with different fabric of course, and low and behold, the picture below!  I mean really, who has a random stash of heavy weight fabric?  Apparently I do and I am going to bust a couple of these out this weekend.  Naturally, I will be putting some great appliques on them to make them more personal and creative but I am so excited! Thanks to Emily for her rockin ideas.

Scrap flannel and baby girl Charleigh!

So it isn't too exciting so far but I thought I would show you these cutie burp rags I threw together with some scrap flannel last night. My guru of all things baby, Kezlee, gave me some rough measurements of what she uses and I did my best to salvage as close to that as possible (10x21"). They and the great swaddling square are headed to Alaska for my super star childhood friend, Kyle, and his new family!
Just in case you want to see more of their talents, Kezlee makes amazing bags at i kissed a toad and my embroidery superstar, Christie is at Bridger View Embroidery.