Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 8 dress to skirt

Ok, so I ran out of elastic and it got way too late last night to post, but I did do this little project yesterday I thought I would share.

My daughter has this dress that is her "favorite" along with all the rest of them. Well she stained it horribly at school but it had a great lining and she supposedly loved it so, I turned it into a skirt. Super easy with a seam ripper and some elastic...hence the fact I was out of elastic for a dress that will sell. Plus, I now have an extra hook and eye closure, 3 cute buttons and a zipper out of the project.

So, this dress had a zipper. I took it out, then lined up the fabrics and continued the seam that had ended at the zipper. Tada, no zipper.

Just remember to leave the taking in that held to lining onto the dress otherwise you might want to safety pin or pin them together so that they stay even

Then I cut of the dress as high as I could which in this case was right below the stain.

Then I turned down a quarter of an inch and then another 1 inch to allow for a casing. I sewed as close to the edge as I could but left about an inch in order to get the elastic threaded through the casing. I threaded 19" of 1/2" elastic through the new waist, sewed the ends to make a full circle with the elastic and then sewed back on the outside to finish the casing.

The bottom seam was already done so now she had a skirt with a lining in less than an hour!

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